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SKLÁRNY MORAVIA, akciová společnost

The stock company SKLÁRNY MORAVIA with headquarter in Úsobrno is a traditional manufacturer of glass packaging:

  • Shaped glass bottles for spirits, liquere and wine
  • Glass for food purposes
  • Laboratory glass (reagent bottles, square-type bottles, dropping bottles, byret bottles)
  • Cosmetic flacons

Colour of glass:

  • Clear
  • Black
  • Brown (amber)
  • Olive (green)
  • Violet

Capacities between 20 ml to 2500 ml with the maximum height being 330 mm

Usual manufacturing quantity from 10.000 and more.

We are the specialists in the production of bottles creating original shaped in accordance with customers wishes.

Our offer includes also full range of services:

  • By customer request we are able to manage technical drawings
  • Mould manufacturing tools
  • Surface treatments by cooperating company (matting, screen process printing)
  • Other supplies to complete our services

In case our customers have no interest in investing in the new moulds, we offer selection of standard models.

Address: Úsobrno 79, 679 39 Úsobrno

Phone: +420 516 427 711

Fax: +420 516 427 700



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