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GLASS SERVICE is a Czech based consulting company in the field of glass melting, conditioning and forming. It was established by a group of former furnace engineers and glass scientists in 1990. Company has over 60 employees today.

GLASS SERVICE has been serving almost 300 customers worldwide. During past 14 years significant growth was recorded by means of turnover as well as services and products.

Company is headquartered in the Czech Republic (Vsetin) with offices in The Netherlands (Maastricht), U.S.A. (Stuart, FL), China (Qingdao), Slovakia (Kalinovo), Czech Republic (Kostany, Hradec Kralove).

Products and services

  • Advanced furnace control of glass melting furnaces using Expert System ES IIITM
  • Proces simulation
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Physical modeling
  • Forming modeling
  • Lab services
  • Glass defect analyses
  • High temperature observation of glass melting process
  • Redox measurements – GS RAPIDOX IITM
  • Furnace audit
  • Electric pot furnaces deliveries
  • Raw Materials Deliveries

Address: Rokytnice 60, 755 01 Vsetín

Phone: +420 571 498 511

Fax: +420 571 498 599



Obory: Strojírenská výroba a servisní organizace

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