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The Annual Report gives in its introduction part an overview on the position of the glass and ceramic industry within the processing industry of the Czech Republic, its structure and development in the period from 2005 till 2010. An evaluation of the activities of the Association of the Glass and Ceramic Industry of the Czech Republic in the past period is a part of this Annual Report.
Data processed in the Annual Report are based on data of the Czech Statistical Office (valid till June 30, 2010 and till July 31, 2010). These data are completed with information gained from annual reports of the Association members.
Classification and terminology of the processing industry used in the Chapter “Position of the glass and ceramic industry in the Czech Republic“ are taken from the Czech Statistical Office.
Time development lines compared in the Chapter ”Development of the glass and ceramic industry” are given for the period from 2005 till 2010.
The glass and ceramic industry is in the submitted Annual Report mostly investigated and described separately, i.e. in seven so-called groups. These groups are created by related glass and ceramic production activities as far as technology and marketing. This methodology corresponds to a method of the statistical statement in the Czech Republic.
• Flat glass (unfinished and finished flat glass)
• Container glass (bottles, preserve glass jars, other glass containers)
• Glass fibres (reinforcing/textile fibres, insulating glass fibres)
• Other glass (special glasses - laboratory and laboratory apparatus glass, tubing, glass TV components, technical spheres, glass industrial apparatuses, protective welding glass, optical glass, glass blocks, fashion jewellery glass, etc.) and lighting glass (chandeliers, lamps and their glass parts)
• Utility glass (drinking glass, glass for household, decorative glass, art glass, etc.)
• Household china and ceramics (china ware for household and decorative china, ceramic ware for household, decorative ceramics)
• Technical ceramics and sanitary ware (insulators, laboratory china, ceramic products for sanitary purposes, products for technical purposes)

The development in the rest groups created by the production of machinery, equipment and services for the glass and ceramic industry, is not investigated in the Annual Report as the whole. From the point of view of the statistical statement the activities connected with this group are investigated in a number of other subsections of the processing industry, and so it is not possible to process and compare them, especially numerical data, reliably.

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