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The Association of the Glass and Ceramic Industry of the Czech Republic is a member of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic (hereinafter Confederation) and a member of the Comité Permanent des Industries du Verre Européenne (hereinafter CPIV).
The Association of the Glass and Ceramic Industry of the Czech Republic (hereinafter Association) was established in 1990 as an interest group of producers of flat, container, technical, utility and lighting glass, glass and mineral fibres, household china, household ceramics and sanitary ware, trade companies, suppliers of machinery, machine and technological equipments and services, specialized schools, research institutes and publishers of specialized journals. Also the Czech Union of Fashion Jewellery Producers and the Czech Glass Society are the members of the Association. The activities of these two groupings are described separately in this chapter.
The activities of the Association are focused, especially on the promotion, assertion and defence of interests and demands in relation to the bodies of the state administration, on organizing a mutual cooperation of members in solution of common problems, on rational utilization of local raw material resources, on environmental problems solution, on ensuring collective negotiations with respective trade union and making collective bargains, on ensuring a database for strategic decisions of its members, on assistance in the search of foreign partners, on coordination of research and development in the glass and ceramic industry in cooperation with specialized schools and workplaces, on expert and financial support in publishing specialized literature and journals, and also on solution of specialized education orientation.

Activities of the Association in 2010
The Association collaborated on national level on fulfilling the Mission statement of the Confederation for 2009. As far as the promotion of interests directly connected with the glass and ceramic industry, the Association cooperated with the Czech Union of Fashion Jewellery Producers, the Czech Glass Society, and with the Silicate Union. Within the European Union the Association worked together with the CPIV.
The Association had 51 members at the date of December 31, 2010.

Promotion of competitiveness of the glass and ceramic industry
The aim was to promote the competitiveness of products of the glass and ceramic industry on inland market and on international markets, too.
In 2010 the activities were oriented to international exhibitions and fairs with Czech participation. Based on the suggestion of the Association the international fair Glasstec 2010 was included in 2010 to the list of international fairs with official Czech participation. Seventeen exhibitors from the Czech Republic registered. All of them participated on the project. From the Association members the following companies took part in the mentioned project: FOR G, s.r.o., Glass Service, a.s., Teplotechna Prima, a.s., Sklostroj Turnov, s.r.o., SKLOPAN LIBEREC, a.s., and SPL Recycling, a.s.
In 2010 the Ministry of Industry and Trade decided about the Czech participation in 2011. From the suggestion of the Association the international fair MAISON et OBJECT, Paris, AMBIENTE, Frankfurt am Main, and CHINA GLASS, Shanghai, were chosen.
Through IKATES, s.r.o., the Association is active in participation on negotiations, preparation and creation of standards relating to products of the glass and ceramic industry.
The Association became actively involved to the campaign against the increase of electric energy prices due to the fee for renewable energy sources and collaborated with the Association of Energy Managers. In the name of the Association members there were sent letters to the Prime Minister, to ministers of the industry and trade, environment and finances and to the chairman of the Energy Regulatory Office. The letters pointed out the consequences of noticeable increase of electric energy price for the glass and ceramic industry.

The environment
The Association continued work in the Environment Committee of the CPIV.
In the framework of the Czech Republic, the Association concentrated to the problems of wastes of glass products. The representative of the Association takes part in the specialized group for utilization of secondary raw materials established by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The Analysis of utilization of glass as a secondary raw material with emphasis to flat glass was elaborated. The Analysis was used for the negotiation with the Ministry of Environment and with the Ministry of Industry and Trade for the promotion of flat glass collection and recycling. This Analysis was given as a basic material for the study on Utilization of secondary raw materials which is elaborated in the European Social and Economical Committee of the European Commission.
In collaboration with the Confederation and its members and the Ministry of Environment the Association took part in preparation works in the Directive on trade with emission permission since 2013 till 2020.

Development, research and education
The Association supported gaining of a grant for the Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague to the project Scientific and Research Centre - Chemistry for Life. The Association supported the Laboratory of Inorganic Materials not only in the request for grant to the project New glasses and their technology, but also a marketing study of the glass industry export was included to this request.
In November 2010 works on the second stage of the National Qualification System started. The aim of the project was to create a system of qualification for a lifelong education. The Association, the Silicate Union and the Czech Union of Fashion Jewellery Producers will process qualifications in the glass and ceramic industry for positions of technical workers.

Labour law
The Association and the Trade Union of Employees of Glass, Ceramic, Fashion Jewellery and China Industry (hereinafter Trade Union) reached an agreement in January 2010 and formulated a request to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs for enlargement of obligatoriness of the Collective agreement of higher degree to the period of 2009 till 2010 to other employers with predominant activities in the branch marked with codes of classification of economical activities (CZ-NACE) 23.1, 23.41 and 23.42. The obligatoriness was enlarged with validity since April 1, 2010.
In the second half of October 2010 the collective negotiation on the Collective agreement of higher degree to the period of 2011 till 2012 (hereinafter Collective agreement 2011-2012) started. The negotiation was very difficult. The suggestion presented by the Trade Union had many controversial points. The Collective agreement 2011-2012 was signed on December 23, 2010 by Mr. P. Mazzolini, President of the Association and by Dr. V. Kubinec, the Chairman of the Trade Union.

Promotion of the Association
The website of the Association was continuously added for the promotion of the Association and its members. The glass and ceramic industry is permanently promoted there, too. The Annual Report - Glass and Ceramic Industry of the Czech Republic - 2009 was located on the website of the Association. In November 2010 a serial of reports from the glass and ceramic industry in the Czech Radio 1 in the programme called Design Architecture Building Industry started. The serial concerned all production branches. It was opened with report on flat glass in November 2010.
In collaboration with the Czech Glass Society the book “Sklářské názvosloví aneb co je co ve sklářství” (Glass terminology) was issued.
Contributions on activities of the Association were published in Sklář a keramik and Keramický zpravodaj journals. Three issues of information bulletin Střípky were issued in 2010. This information bulletin was located to the website of the Association, too.
The Secretary continuously sells specialized books, published by the Association and the Czech Glass Society.

The Czech Union of Glass and Fashion Jewellery Producers
The Czech Union of Glass and Fashion Jewellery Producers (hereinafter Union) was established in 1991 as a Union of Fashion Jewellery Producers. It represents interests of fashion jewellery industry and related glass industry of the Czech Republic. The members of the Union are the most important producers of fashion jewellery (metal, glass, other materials, exclusive, rosaries), jewellery semiproducts (glass pearls and beads, machine cut and polished jewellery stones, special stones, metal parts, bandings), lamps and chandelier pieces, coins and medals, also some goldsmith´s and jewellery products and other products (cut crystal figures, gifts, buttons, Christmas decorations and artificial flowers).
The Union went through various stages of development during the twenty years. In 2010 the name the Union of Fashion Jewellery Producers was changed to the Union of Glass and Fashion Jewellery Producers. In this year it was topical to safe the most important devices from the closed down company Jablonex Group, a.s., so that the production of metal parts necessary for cooperation deliveries for individual fashion jewellery producers was endangered as little as possible. After leaving of two dominant members, Preciosa, a.s. and the closed down Jablonex Group, a.s., the Union concentrated to support of activities of small and medium fashion jewellery companies in the region. Common presentation in exhibitions Styl Brno, Sale Exhibition Brno and international exhibition Ulyanovsk, Russia was important. The Union registered licence protected mark Made in Jablonec in the whole euro zone.
The Union tightly cooperates with the Association.

The Czech Glass Society
The Czech Glass Society is a member of the International Commission on Glass (ICG) and the European Society of Glass Science and Technology (ESG).
The Czech Glass Society was originally established in 1946 as a glass section of the Czechoslovak Glass and Ceramic Society. In today form it exists after division of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic in 1993 as the Czech Glass Society (hereinafter CGS).
The CGS is a voluntary organization associating individual and collective members from the production of glass, fashion jewellery and related branches.

Activities of the CGS in 2010
At the date of December 31, 2010 the CGS had totally 392 individual members, from them 62 members are in two subsidiaries, and 22 collective members.
The CGS works in Technical Commissions of the International Commission on Glass: TC 2 - Chemical Durability & Analysis, TC 3 - Basic Glass Science, TC 7 – Nucleation, Crystallisation & Glass-Ceramics, TC 13 - Environment, TC 14 - Gases in Glass, TC 19 - Glass Surface Diagnostics, TC 20 - Glasses for Optoelectronics, TC 21 - Modelling of Melting Processes, TC 23 - Education & Training in Glass Science  Engineering, and TC 25 – Modelling of Glass Forming Processes.
During the negotiation of the ICG committee in Salvador, Brazil, the organizing of the world glass congress in Prague in 2013 was confirmed.
The CGS collaborates with the Deutsche Glastechnische Gesellschaft (DGG) and with the Slovak Glass Society.
On February 10, 2010 the traditional seminar of doctorands in the Institute of Glass and Ceramics of the Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague with the theme “Inorganic Non-Metallic Materials” was held. Twenty-six papers from eight academy workplaces were presented.
The 15th Conference on Electric Melting of Glass was held on September 9, 2010 in Prague. Also participants from Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Italy and Slovakia took part.
The 5th International conference History of Glass and Fashion Jewellery Production in the Czech Lands being held on September 15-17, 2010 in Železný Brod met with great interest.
The CGS signed an agreement on partnership and mutual collaboration with the Foundation of Josef Viewegh with a view to realization the project called Way of Glass – National Centre of Glass Art – Glassworks František in Sázava.
The CGS is a publisher of the journal Sklář a keramik. In 2010 it was the 60th year already and already the 87th year of Czech glass journal. There were published 5 issues with total number of 250 pages.

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