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Dear friends, The Association of the Glass and Ceramic Industry of the Czech Republic submits

the „Annual Report – Glass and Ceramic Industry of the Czech Republic – 2009“, where we would like to inform the public about the main economic indices of this industry in 2009, and also about development trends in the period from 2004 till 2009. In the Annual Report you will find also the analysis of export and import of glass and ceramics. The Report has also a chapter dealing with the activities of the Association of the Glass and Ceramic Industry of the Czech Republic.

The glass and ceramic industry is an export oriented branch. The balance of foreign trade of this industry was 19.926 bill. CZK in 2009. In spite of the inter-year decrease by 5.416 bill. CZK, it strengthened the balance of foreign trade of the whole Czech processing industry significantly.

The year 2009 was very hard for all companies in the glass and ceramic industry. The financial crisis rolled over banks to investors and it froze all activities on market. The glass and ceramic industry was impacted by the crisis in 2009 very strongly. It projected fully on traditional markets of the Czech glass and ceramic industry and also on the inland market. The demand decrease continued in all production branches. According to the prediction of the Ministry of Finance, the present development of foreign and home economy does not give great expectations to significant improvement even in 2010. The glass and ceramic industry is very endangered by this economic development not only because of its export orientation, but also because of its dependence on a number of following industrial branches utilizing its products. Companies still have to search ways how to orientate to the production with a high added value, how to strengthen the innovation in the production and in the management and commercial strategies.

I believe you will find interesting and usable information in our Annual Report.

Ing. Petr Mazzolini
The President

Association of the Glass and Ceramic Industry of the Czech Republic


     Ing. Petr Mazzolini

Vice presidents

     Ing. Radislav Feix, Ph.D., Ludvík Jan Rys (till 21 May 2009), Ing. Jaroslav Seifrt


     Ing. Petr Beránek, Mgr. Miloslav Hambálek, Ing. Lubomír Hnilička, Ing. Petr Hübner (from 21 May 2009),

     Ing. Pavel Kusý, Ing. Svatopluk Kudláč, Ing. Jan Štefl, Ing. Pavel Wurzel

Supervisory Board

      Chairman of the Board: Ing. Jaroslav Přerost

      Members: Ing. Jiří Bělský (from 21 May 2009), Doc. Ing. Stanislav Kasa, CSc.

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