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The Association of the Glass and Ceramic Industry of the Czech Republic is a member of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic (hereinafter Confederation) and a member of the Comité Permanent des Industries du Verre Européenne (hereinafter CPIV).

The Association of the Glass and Ceramic Industry of the Czech Republic (hereinafter Association) was established in 1990 as an interest group of producers of flat, container, technical, utility and lighting glass, glass and mineral fibres, household china, household ceramics and sanitary ware, trade companies, suppliers of machinery, machine and technological equipments and services, specialized schools, research institutes and publishers of specialized journals. Also the Czech Union of Fashion Jewellery Producers and the Czech Glass Society are the members of the Association. The activities of these two groupings are described separately in this chapter.

The activities of the Association are focused, especially on the promotion, assertion and defence of interests and demands in relation to the bodies of the state administration, on organizing a mutual cooperation of members in solution of common problems, on rational utilization of local raw material resources, on environmental problems solution, on ensuring collective negotiations with respective trade union and making collective bargains, on ensuring a database for strategic decisions of its members, on assistance in the search of foreign partners, on coordination of research and development in the glass and ceramic industry in cooperation with specialized schools and workplaces, on expert and financial support in publishing specialized literature and journals, and also on solution of specialized education orientation.


Activities of the Association in 2008

The activities of the Association in 2008 from January till September followed continuously the activities of the previous year 2007 in promotion of competitiveness of the glass and ceramic industry, environment and the labour law problems. At the same time individual projects of the Association were realized. Since September 2008 all activities were marked by an unfavourable development of Bohemia Crystalex Trading, a.s. and Porcela Plus, a.s. which affected directly the members of the Association – Crystalex, a.s., Sklárny Bohemia, a.s., Karlovarský porcelán, a.s. and Concordia, a.s.

The Association compounds 47 organizations at the date of July 31, 2009. (nové)
The Association had 51 members at the date of December 31, 2008. (staré)


Promotion of competitiveness of the glass and ceramic industry

In 2008 the activities of the Association continued the activities of 2007 with the aim to promote the competitiveness of products of the glass and ceramic industry on inland market and on international markets, too. The Association negotiated with the Ministry of Industry and Trade about the possibility of additional state support of international exhibitions and fairs of utility glass and china in 2008. The support was not gained. The initiative in the area of the protection of registered trademarks of utility glass and china continued. In time of strengthening of the Czech crown the Association interceded on for stopping of the Czech crown strengthening and quick introduction of Euro at the Governor of the Czech National Bank, Mr Z. Tůma, at the Minister of Industry and Trade, Mr M. Říman, at the Minister of Finance, Mr M. Kalousek, and at the President of the Confederation, Mr J. Míl. A request for the Czech participation at international fairs in 2010 was sent to the Ministry of Industry and Trade: GLASSTEC 2010 (Düsseldorf, Germany), MIR STEKLA 2010 (Moscow, Russia), CHINA GLASS (Shanghai, China), AMBIENTE 2010 (Frankfurt am Main, Germany), MAISON et OBJECT (Paris, France), MOSBUILD (Moscow, Russia).

The environment

The Association continued work in the Environment Committee of the CPIV.

Following the activities of the CPIV regarding the chemical REACH policy, the Association aimed to lobby at the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Industry and Trade in case of exemption the “glass defined as chemical substance” from the EU Regulation No. 1907/2006 of December 18, 2006. However, the relevant state authorities come out from the agreement on the level of European Commission. In March 2008 a seminar in cooperation of the Association and the Silicate Union was organized on introduction of a new chemical REACH policy with orientation to the silicate industry. Fifty-two people from 31 companies of glass, ceramic and fashion jewellery industry and mining and processing of sands and kaolin, took part. The seminar had a very high level. Beside information, participants gained also a number of important contacts.

The transnational companies working in the glass industry in the Czech Republic, who are members of European Trade Unions prepared comments to the amendment of the BREF document (Reference document on the Best Available Techniques in the Glass Industry).

For filling the database of the glass industry with data from 2007 (emissions of polluting substances, CO2, energy demand, etc.) and for processing a study being a base for preparation of qualified materials for a negotiation in the area of the environment, 29 companies of the glass industry (members and non-members of the Association) having glass furnaces, was addressed.


Development, research and education

In May 2009 work on the revision of working positions in the branch Glass, ceramic production included to the National System of Occupation and the National Qualification System, were finished. The revision was made by the Association, the Czech Union of Fashion Jewellery Producers and the Silicate Union and specialists from the members companies of the above mentioned organizations. The aim was to make a database of working positions and corresponding qualification requirements which could help in orientation of employment agencies, job applicants and employers on the labour market in the glass industry and specialized schools on all levels in education of future workers. The project is covered by the Confederation, Czech Chamber of Commerce and Trexima, s.r.o. in the form of consorcium.


Labour law

In 2008 a negotiation on the Collective agreement of higher degree to the period of 2009 till 2010 between the Association and the Trade Union of Employees of Glass, Ceramic, Fashion Jewellery and China Industry (hereinafter Trade Union) proceeded. The Collective agreement of higher degree to the period of 2009 till 2010 was signed by Mr P. Mazzolini, the President of the Association and the LL.D. V. Kubinec, the Chairman of the Trade Union on 9 January, 2009.

In cooperation of the Association and the Trade Union a seminar on the methodology of investigation and statement of accident frequency and sickness rate in companies was organized.

In May 2008 an evaluation of fulfilling the Agreement on Workers Health Protection through the Good Handling and Use of Crystalline Silica and Products Containing It. The evaluation was organized by the IMA Europe through the branch European unions. The evaluation results were published in July 2008. The conclusion of the report stated that the principles of safety are kept and workers are not endangered during handling with raw materials, materials and substances containing silica.

Promotion of the Association

In February 2008 the Export Directory of the Fashion Jewellery, Glass, China and Ceramic Industries of the Czech Republic was published. The Directory is located on It is possible to actualize the present data and fill other participants. For the Association and its members promotion the internet web site of the Association was continuously updated. The Annual Report - Glass and Ceramic Industry of the Czech Republic – 2007 was published on CD-ROM and also located on the web site. Further on, three numbers of the information bulletin “Střípky“ were published in April, September and December.

The Association members received regularly the information bulletin INFO CPIV and further information from the CPIV Secretary. The CD-ROM “Životní prostředí 2007” (The Environment 2007) with information from environment in 2007 and a list of valid laws relating to the environment, was issued in April 2008 for the members of the Association.

Projects of the Association

Glass recycling

The aim of the project is to gain processed glass cullet from the inland sources for adequate prices. In cooperation of the secretary of the Association and workers of the company O-I Manufacturing Czech Republic, a.s., VETROPACK MORAVIA GLASS, a.s. and SPL Recycling, a.s. a study showing the present situation in collection and recycling of flat and container glass and evaluation of the importance of glass recycling for energy saving and emission reduction, was made. The study will be a base for negotiations with state authorities on promotion of glass collection and recycling.

Construction glass as a tool of energy saving

The aim is energy saving through large utilization of the so-called Solar Control Glass and its promotion in public and in standard making bodies of the Czech Republic. By the use of special finished window glass and glazing of buildings it is possible to safe a great amount of energy not only by heating but also by air-conditioning of buildings. The utilization of special finished construction glass is one of the possibilities how to reach obligations following from the so-called Climate and Energy Package accepted on January 23, 2008 by the European Commission and from the obligation of the European Commission to the decrease of CO2 emissions by 20 % till 2020.

The Czech Union of Fashion Jewellery Producers

The Czech Union of Fashion Jewellery Producers (hereinafter Union) was established in 1991 predominantly as a union of employers in the fashion jewellery and glass industries for organization and support of a mutual collaboration of its members and for a coordinated assertion of their common interests.

The subject of its activities is, especially promotion, assertion and defence of authentic interests and demands of its members in relation to bodies of the state administration, self-governing bodies of towns and municipalities, cooperation with trade and other employers´ unions, with the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic and with the Confederation, organization of a mutual cooperation of members in solution of common problems, in promotion of common interests, especially in economical sphere, ensuring of labour forces, education, organization and coordination of foreign collaboration, mainly in the search and entering contacts in other areas of common interest.

The Union tightly cooperates with the Association and the Silicate Union and solves common problems.

The Czech Glass Society

The Czech Glass Society is a member of the International Commission on Glass and the European Society of Glass Science and Technology (ESG).

The Czech Glass Society was originally established in 1946 as a glass section of the Czechoslovak Glass and Ceramic Society. In today form it exists after division of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic in 1993 as the Czech Glass Society (hereinafter CGS).

The CGS is a voluntary organization associating individual and collective members from the production of glass, fashion jewellery and related branches.


Activities of the CGS in 2008

At the date of December 31, 2008 the CGS had totally 484 individual members, from which 77 members are in three subsidiaries, and 33 collective members.

The CGS works in Technical Commissions of the International Commission on Glass: TC 2 - Chemical Durability & Analysis, TC 3 - Basic Glass Science, TC 7 – Nucleation, Crystallisation & Glass-Ceramics, TC 13 - Environment, TC 14 - Gases in Glass, TC 19 - Glass Surface Diagnostics, TC 20 - Glasses for Optoelectronics, TC 21 - Modelling of Melting Processes, TC 23 - Education & Training in Glass Science & Engineering, and TC 25 – Modelling of Glass Forming Processes.

The CGS collaborates with the DGG – Deutsche Glastechnische Gesellschaft and with the Slovak Glass Society.

The cooperation with the Slovak Glass Society culminated in 2008 in organization of the conference of the ESG (European Society of Glass) in Trenčín. At this occasion the session of managing authorities of the ICG was held.

In the framework of international contacts a delegation of the CGS took part in the 82nd Annual Conference of the DDG in Dresden, Germany.

The specialized publication "Glass melting" was issued in 2008.

The journal “Sklář a keramik” is published. This journal had 8 issues in 2008. This journal was verified by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic and then it was included by the Research and Development Council to the list of peer reviewed journals issued in the Czech Republic, where it is the only one journal from the glass and ceramic branch. It means that it is suitable for the publication of results of the grant research in the Czech Republic.

In February the 13th Seminar of Doctorands at the Institute of Glass and Ceramics with the theme "Inorganic Non-Metallic Materials" was held. Due to the extent, it was held in two days and with international participation.

For CGS members a traditional tour to the international fair GLASTEC 2008 in Düsseldorf, was organized.

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